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Maybe I Got Carried Away…

To read Nick’s original article, titled The Fanboys Are What’s  Wrong  With Call of Duty, click HERE. – Baden

After posting my opinion piece where I defended Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, I quickly received much criticism for essentially doing what I set out to try and oust: Battlefield 3 fanboyism, or at least trying to silence the people who bashed the game for being terrible and a milking of the franchise while singing praise of its rival.

If the title of this piece hasn’t given it away, I’ve given this a lot of thought and realized that I had gone about my ambition in perhaps the worst way possible. I think it might be best – at this point – to simply say that I don’t appreciate being seen as a criminal for liking a game someone else doesn’t. Often times, people tell me that Modern Warfare 3 is just some repackaging of the older Call of Duty games, and yet nobody ever backs it up. If someone were to tell me why they think that, I may be more willing to listen or read. But I digress; it’s a debate that I feel many people have already made up their minds about, and it’s not something I feel I should set out to try and stop.

I didn’t mean to be so aggressive with my article. Only now do I realize how unprofessional it was. I have nothing against people who enjoy Battlefield 3 and dislike Modern Warfare 3, but I feel that their reasoning should be justified beyond giving into peer pressure. I don’t mean to make blind accusations, but I feel that there may be those that dislike Call of Duty not because it’s the “same game released every year,” but because they simply hate it due to its popularity and because they like to hate the cool kid. If you dislike the games and you have good reasoning to dislike them, however, then I respect your opinion.

Does this mean I dislike Call of Duty? No it doesn’t. Though the games may be becoming more familiar, they’re still solid and are worth taking your time to play. This also does not mean I like Battlefield 3, but I feel I should be a little more open-minded next time I want to make a debate. But as I’ve said, it feels like ground that’s been trodden constantly, and it’s not a realm I wish to indulge further.

I’m not sorry for sharing my opinion because it would be silly of me to regret my tastes in something. The only time that wouldn’t sound ridiculous in my head is if I were trying to make it up to the Inner Party that dictates an Orwellian regime of the future. What I regret is how I set out to make it.

Whether or not any readers think I’m less professional or have blemished my record by posting such an immature article as that one doesn’t bother me. I’m only trying to liberate myself of this mistake so I can finally get it out of my head and off my chest.

Always remember: it’s all about video games.

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