Zone of the Enders HD Collection Expected In Fall

What’s that? You forgot that a Zone of the Enders HD collection was coming out? Fair enough. It got announced at E3 2011, but it’s been a ghost since then. Well, now it’s received a launch window: Fall of 2012, just in time for the holiday season. Keep this sort of thing up, and 2012 might see gamers scrambling for the shelves again this year like they did the last. I like having options.

I’ve been looking forward to Zone of the Enders HD because I never played either of the games when I was younger, and I’m hoping that the HD remastering will give me that opportunity at last. Of course, if Metal Gear Solid HD is any indication, then Kojima Productions probably won’t take the opportunity to tweak the controls, if they feel dated at this point anyway. I guess I can’t argue that it’s not an authentic re-release, then.

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