Battlefield 3 Owners Get Exclusive Kit For Use In Mass Effect 3 Co-op

In Battlefield 3 gamers who owned Mass Effect 2 could unlock a special Mass Effect 3 dog-tag for their character to proudly wear whilst shooting people in the face. To return the favour, DICE have announced a last-minute cross-over which will let Mass Effect 3 owners get an exclusive Battlefield 3 themed kit for use in Mass Effect 3’s rather awesome co-op mode.

DICE made this post on their official Battlefield Facebook page:

“When Mass Effect 3 launches on March 6 (9 in EU), Battlefield 3 players who’ve activated their BF3 online pass will automatically have access to an exclusive human soldier kit, inspired by Battlefield 3’s awesome aesthetic. The kit will automatically be granted when you sign into the Mass Effect multiplayer using the same Origin account linked to your BF3 Online Pass.

If you haven’t checked out the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer demo be sure that you download the demo from Xbox Live and PlayStation Network before the online demo closes on March 5.”

Not bad, right? If you’re wondering what your soldier will look like sporting his lovely new armor, just check out the above picture, or check out the pictures below taken by Forum member Bon3zz1001 after he downloaded Mass Effect 3 via Origin today.

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