Skyrim DLC To Add Crossbows And Snow Elves

With the news that Bethesda will be making an announcement regarding DLC for Skyrim within the week, speculation as to exactly what the DLC will contain has increased tenfold with gamers everywhere throwing out theories, some of which are great and some of which are utterly nuts. But now it looks like we might have some good evidence as to what first expansion pack will contain, all thanks to those nosy buggers over at the Bethesda forums.

A Bethesda forum member went and had a look through the files contained within Skyrim’s latest update and  unearthed a mysterious folder simply named DLC001. Within this magical container the forum member found files relating to crossbows, new vampire feeding animations and, quite interestingly, Snow Elves and the Snow Prince.

If you’re unaware of what the hell a Snow Elf is, then allow me to very briefly enlighten you: the Snow Elves were, shock, a race of Elves that inhabited Skyrim long before the Nords ever arrived on the scene. When the Nords did arrive, they waged war on the Snow Elves who were led by the Snow Prince. After many heated battles the Snow Prince was killed which broke the moral of the Snow Elves. The elves took refuge underground where they discovered the Dwemer who helped them, however the Dwemer would eventually betray them by feeding them a toxic fungus which caused blindness. The Snow Elves eventually became the race that you know as the Falmer.

As you can well imagine this would make for a great chunk of DLC, especially as the Snow Elves would perhaps be the only race that know what happened to the mysterious Dwemer.

And then there’s crossbows, which are always awesome.

You can see exactly what the pesky forum members found by checking out the thread HERE.

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