Bethesda Announce Dawnguard DLC For Skyrim

Just days ago Peter Hines of Bethesda hinted that an announcement regarding Skyrim’s first DLC would be coming today. As you would well expect this sparked a massive Internet debate as to what this DLC would be, but Peter Hines was also quick to tell us not to expect a whole lot of information regarding the DLC. Well, Bethesda have indeed announced Skyrim’s first DLC and it’s going to be called Dawnguard, and true to Peter Hine’s word, that’s all we’re getting to know.

The above picture, which features a quote that states that the DLC will be coming sometime in the Summer, and that it’ll be coming to Xb0x 360 first, was posted up on Bethesda’s official blog along with absolutely no other information. Nothing. Zilch. Nowt. Zero. Cheeky bastards.

Instead the helpful quote that came with the picture tells us that details on Skyrim’s DLC won’t be coming until E3. But we can at least do a little more speculating since just days ago some happy Bethesda forumers discovered a folder titled DLC001 within the date files of the games  latest update. Inside this magical folder they discovered files relating to crossbows, Snow Elves and new vampire animations. Sound interesting? You bet it does.

So all we can do now is dig in for the long wait until E3.

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