Sony Reveal Mysterious Teaser Trailer And Invite Gamers To “See The Future” On February, 20th. Could It Be The PS4 Announcement?

Feb 20th

Sony have just sent out an invitation to the media and their investors to come to a special Sony media event on New York City on February, 20th, and “See the future”. The event will apparently kick off at 6pm EST time, but other than that absolutely no details were given regarding exactly what this event will be about, immediately making people wonder if it will be the official announcement for Sony’s Playstation 4.

Sony did a similar thing for the announcement of the PS Vita back in 2011, inviting press and investors to a special meeting without telling them what it was going to be about.

Along with the invitation Sony also revealed this 45-second teaser trailer which is absolutely no help at all in deciphering what the event will be about. They’ve also put up a countdown ¬†with the tag line, “Be the first to know” where you can sign up.

So yeah, this is all screaming console announcement at the moment. It might not be, of course, but…

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