Bungie Tease Big Destiny Reveal On Monday

Bungie Destiny

Bungie seem to be teasing a big reveal for Monday, 18th of February, which will presumably be regarding their first project for Activision, rumoured to be titled Destiny. That date also places Bungie’s big reveal two days before Sony’s mysterious media event, which is widely believed to be the announcement of the Playstation 4.

Bungie have uploaded an alternate reality game to their webpage which allows users to interact with objects on the screen to reveal clues and messages. The first puzzle asks you to, “Begin by aligning the day’s pattern to the light.” Once past that the second screen isn’t so much as puzzle as it is a waiting game as it requires a lot of people to be viewing the page at the same time to help reveal a blurry image that seems to change each day.

Large numbers of discussions are already springing up all over the place as gamers share what they’ve found and discuss exactly what Bungie will reveal on Monday, proving that Bungie really do know how to get people talking.

Something worth noting is that the address for this new page in Bungie’s site is Alpha Lupi, which is the name of the brightest star in the constellation Lupus, being around 25,000x more luminous than our own sun. Exactly how this connects to the puzzle or Destiny is unseen, but it hardly seems like coincidence.

Be sure to go and take part in Bungie’s little game by visiting:

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