Sony Axed The Playstation Camera At The Last Minute To Beat Microsoft On Price

PS4 with controller-580-90

At E3 of this year Sony took to the stage and announced the price of the Playstation 4, a whooping £80 cheaper than that of their competitors machine, the Xbox One. With all of the hatred of Microsoft’s DRM policies at the time, the pricing of the Playstation 4 was just one more victory for Sony, ensuring that gamers everywhere looked to their console for the next-generation.

According to IGN, though, the Playstation 4 was originally going to cost just as much as Microsoft’s Xbox One. In the months leading up to E3 Sony appearently removed the Playstation 4 camera system in order to bring the price of the system down, informing their retail partners of its removal but not of the new price-tag in order to ensure Microsoft couldn’t find out. Like Microsoft’s own Kinect, the Playstation 4 camera was supposed to come bundled in every box.

In their efforts to win the price-war, though, there is some bad news as the future of the camera system is in question. Again, like Kinect it was supposed to be bundled in every package to ensure that Sony and any developer working on the platform would know that each person had a camera available to them, making developement of titles far easier as companies wouldn’t have to gamble on whether potential customers had the camera system or not.

It also hurts the Playstation 4’s controller, which features an LED system designed to work in tandem with the camera.

It’s certainly going to make life for Sony a little trickier as they’ll now have to convince gamers that motion-controls are a good thing, and we all know how lukewarm the reaction has been so far. However, there’s no denying that by undercutting Microsoft in the price war they’ve given themselves a hell of an advantage.

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  1. It certainly played to Sony’s advantage by having their unveiling take place after Microsoft’s. They were able to sit back and say, “OK guys, lets not make that mistake!” It hurts them a bit in that a major component is now missing, but to chop $100 off the price tag definitely makes sense to people’s wallets.

    • Mike, is the camera really a major piece missing though? I wasn’t going to call it a major piece of the console, especially if Sony decided to not bundle it. I would have gladly have taken a second controller over the camera any day.

      • Well… you’re right; it certainly isn’t a major piece anymore, but I think if the cards had played out differently they certainly would have had a lot more in store for this PS Eye. The fact alone that it was going to come with every system tells you right there that they had bigger plans for it rather than it just being a gimmicky add-on.

        I’m right with you though, Kevin. What the PS Eye offers does little for me, as I just want to play games the way I have my whole life: by pressing buttons on a controller. The motion aspects, voice commands or whatever else you can throw on there are cool, but ultimately aren’t things that I find to be game-changing or essential.

  2. Essentially the PS Eye was supposed to be able to trace who had which controller. And if that is still the case it may be worth checking out down the road to see if it delivers, but on a limited budget as I am,

    I am not going to buy into it for awhile. Not only that I typically play alone in single player, so it wouldn’t do much for me in terms of adding anything to my game play experience. If you live in a household with multiple players it might be worth it however. But since I’m not a kid with two brothers in the same house any more, it is nice to save that $100 and use that towards another game.

    Have a nice weekend and Fourth of July Fellas.

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