GTA V Map Leaked, And It’s Huge!

Leaked Map

With Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V just a mere week away it’s no surprise that the game’s gigantic map has been leaked onto the internet via some Reddit user. Of course the post was very quickly taken down, but not before some sneaky NeoGaf members grabbed the picture and proceeded to hold it aloft as a holy relic.

Meanwhile Xbox360Achievements overlayed the GTA IV map to give us an idea of just how big GTA V is going to be, and the answer to that is bloody huge! Keep in mind, however, that Xbox360Achievements did not scale the maps properly.

GTA IV's map overlayed.

GTA IV’s map overlayed.

Of course a big map does not equal a good map, as we’ve discovered many, many times. Still, it’s nice to see that there’s plenty of countryside to roam around in, something which I missed in GTA IV. Meanwhile the city itself isn’t actually all that much bigger than the one seen in the previous game, and actually seems to have a less complex street system, although given that this is supposed to be a map taken from a strategy guide I’m going to assume there’s more complexity to the layout.

Not long to go now.

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