Youtube Personality Says Anonymous Sources Claim That The PS4 Originally Had DRM, That Call Of Duty: Ghosts Will Run At 720p On Both The PS4 and XBox One, And Online Issues Will Plague Both Consoles.

Youtuber Rich of ReviewTechUSA is making some very large and very bold claims about both the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One, stating that his sources within the industry, whom he completely trusts, have revealed some shocking facts about Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles.

Rich issues a disclaimer at the start of the video declaring that he cannot name the people who gave him this information, and that of course what he was told may simply not be true. He does also go on to state, however, the he trusts his sources implicitly, and that if we knew who they were we would trust them to.

So, exactly what bad news does he impart?

He claims that the PS4 is going to have a day-one patch for users to download, and that this patch is to disable Sony’s DRM systems. According to Rich Sony were originally planning on implementing a DRM policy similar to that of Microsoft’s, but when they saw the public outcry that greeted their rival’s announcement they quickly reversed that policy and announced to the world that they would be placing no restrictions on their games, allowing them to one-up Microsoft. According to Rich’s sources this reversal is going to lead to the Playstation Network having significant problems at launch as Sony will be in the process of rebuilding the entire system in order to deal with the change.

He also cites  major online system overhauls as the reason for the Xbox One’s online service being equally shambolic at launch.

In fact network problems are also what’s going to force Call of Duty: Ghosts to run at 720p on both the PS4 and Xbox One and why numerous games were delayed, Rich’s sources claim. According to the video the real reason that Watch Dogs was delayed by Ubisoft is because the Xbox One’s online network is months away from operating correctly, and since Watch Dogs is a game designed to be online at all times Ubisoft made the decision to hold off on the game’s launch until both the PS4 and Xbox One have had updates to stabilise their online functionality. This, Rich and his sources claim, is also the reason why other online titles such as The Crew and DriveClub were delayed.

As for Call of Duty: Ghosts, Rich and his sources claim that Activision chose to have the game run at 720p on both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One in order to combat the console’s messy online network and make the game playable online. Rich also says that he’s hearing from his sources that Call of Duty: Ghosts will be running at full 1080p on the Wii U.

Well, that’s some pretty big claims that Rich is making. So, should we believe them? Who knows. The fact is that with everything I’ve thus far much of this actually sounds worryingly plausible. It also wouldn’t actually surprise me if Sony did indeed originally plan on implementing a DRM policy similar to that of Microsoft’s much-loathed system and simply reversed that decision in order to gain support.

However, as plausible as these things do sound, that doesn’t mean I believe any of them, or that I don’t believe them, for that matter. I remain firmly on my comfy fence, sipping a beer and enjoying reading/watching such things as this. These are unsubstantiated rumours and nothing more. Rich himself in the past has declared a dislike for the usage of anonymous sources, though that does not preclude him using them himself should he feel the information is worth sharing.

As always take rumours with a pinch of salt. Still, this does make me sort of glad that I probably won’t be getting my own next-gen console until December as I’ll have some time to learn of any problems.

Meanwhile Shuhei Yoshida of Sony has declared the video, “so stupid” on Twitter. Naturally he’s not going to condone the video, but it’s still rather amusing. Rich has placed himself in a pretty precarious position, one that he could topple from come console launch. Yet at the same time, imagine if he’s right – he’ll be lauded as a truth-speaking prophet that people should have listened to.


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