Rumor: The Steam Holiday Sale Starts Tomorrow (December 19th) So Get Your Wallets Out!


Do you dread Steam’s magnificent sales because deep down you know that you can’t resist the allure of so many games at discount prices? Do you fear seeing games you’ve wanted for months at low prices because you know you still can’t afford them all, but won’t be able to stop yourself from buying them anyway?

You might want to disconnect the Internet tomorrow, then, because Steam’s holiday sale will be starting, according to an Email sent to a Paypal user, anyway. The user in questioned Tweeted the picture you see by CLICKING HERE.

But that’s not all because last month a Steam Holiday sale on December 19th. was also leaked. The reveal came from an Email that popped up on Reddit. The Email was a confidential message sent from Valve to developers and publishers alike giving them forewarning of sale dates. It correctly predicted Steam’s autumn sale, suggesting it wasn’t fake. The Email also stated that Steam’s Holiday sale would begin on December 19th, matching up with the Paypal user’s message.

If the Email was indeed real, which it seems to be, then we can expect to see the exact same discounts that were in the Autumn sale, as the Email reads: “Because the two sales occur just a few weeks apart, we plan to maintain the same discounts from one sale to the other.”

You can view the leaked Email HERE.

The alleged sale tomorrow would make sense as Steam’s 2012 sale began on the 20th of December, while their 2011 sale began on December 19th.


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