Registration For The Titanfall Beta Is Now Open

EA have opened the doors to Titanfall’s upcoming Beta which is scheduled to begin this coming weekend. If you’re interested in stomping around in a giant mech suit shooting stuff up then head over to, where you can sign-up for either the Xbox One or PC version.

EA have described the Beta as being large-scale, but there’s been no mention of how many people we can actually expect to gain entry, and doubtless demand will be high.

Should you be one of the lucky chosen then you can look forward to having access to a total of three different game modes; Attrition, which is essentially team deathmatch, Hardpoint Domination and Last Titan Standing, a name that speaks for itself.

Registration is open until¬†February 14th, 4PM PST. If you’re chosen you’ll hear from EA no later than February 17th.

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