Transformers: Rise of Dark Spark Debut Trailer Released


Yesterday Amazon accidentally put up a listing for a brand new Transformers game from Activision titled Transformers: Rise of Dark Spark. Now Activision have officially confirmed the games existence, releasing an announcement trailer.

However, Rise of Dark Spark is a little mysterious. Firstly there’s no use of Cybertron in the title, and second some of the Transformers shown appear to be from the current Transformers film universe. This would appear to suggest the new game ties in the upcoming fourth film, however, elements of the trailer seem to be from the Cybertron game universe. People are therefore suggesting that Rise of Dark Spark is somehow a crossover of the two universes.

But what’s most surprising is that no developer has been announced. High Moon Studios developed the previous Cybertron games, as well as a movie-tie, but their logo doesn’t appear anywhere on the trailer. So is a new company taking over?

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