Peter Molyneux Reckons Kinect Feels “more and more like a joke”


Although Kinect 2.0 is significantly more accomplished that its predecessor there’s still many people, including myself, who still don’t quite see the point of it, and also can’t understand why Microsoft seem so insistent on bundling the device with the Xbox One, especially since the console works perfectly well without it.

As it turns out Peter Molyneux doesn’t quite get Kinect either. Speaking to Edge magazine he had this to say:

 “I actually wish Kinect wasn’t a requirement. It feels like an unnecessary add-on to me. Maybe it’s because we’re in England, and it doesn’t really use the TV stuff, but it feels more and more like a joke. My son and I sit there saying random things at it, and it doesn’t work. They could cost-reduce it [by removing Kinect]. I’m sure they’re going to release an Xbox One without Kinect. It would be unthinkable that they wouldn’t.”

Indeed, by throwing Kinect out the window Microsoft could drop the price of the Xbox One down to rival that of the PS4. Yet they seem adamant that Kinect is the way to go.

Who knows, maybe they’ll turn out to be right, but what I do know is that my Kinect spends the vast majority of the time unplugged, and new games are unlikely to change that, unless they’re exceptional.

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  1. Hmm, I don’t have an Xbox One. However I did have a 360. I never bought the Kinect though. I have always been undecided. However, Peter Molyneux happens to be one of the worst gaming devs out there haha, with his empty promises and jumped up over-hyping of his games! I’ll take his opinion with a pinch of salt.

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