First Titanfall DLC Announced For May, Plus Incoming Features Revealed



Respawn Entertainment have used PAX East to officially announce the first chunk of Titanfall DLC, titled Titanfall Expedition, due for release some time in May of this year.

The pack will contain just three maps, all of which apparently take place after Titanfall’s campaign narrative, continuing the tale, although that implies that there actually was a story.

The promo picture above offers a small tease of what to expect from the first map which is simply called Swampland. The big feature here is that the map will include plenty of trees that you can wallrun on, opening up more unpredictable ways of moving. The second map is called Runoff and is loosely connected to Swampland. According to Respawn “it has a lot of pipes and water.” The final map is called War Games, and will take place in the clean, white training area for Pilots seen in the game’s tutorial.

Furthermore Respawn also talked about a couple of upcoming features that will be added via updates, including the ability to customise your titan with decals, allowing you to really show your mech just how much you appreciate its metal fury.

They also mentioned an interesting hash-tag system that will allow you to meet up with other players. “It’s supposed to span beyond just gaming sites. You don’t have to trade gamertags and make parties and be online at the same time.”  Respawn said, also saying “”The goal is to make new friends for people you haven’t had a chance to meet yet.” For example if you searched for #ohmtygodthatdonkeyjusttotallydidthat then you’d be teamed up with other people using that tag, although I’m willing to admit that such a tag might be rare.

Respawn also confirmed that a new 2v2 Last Titan Standing mode will arrive via update sometime soon, and that they also plan on introducing new Burn Cards focused more on Titans

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