Trials Fusion Multiplayer Looks Awesome In This New Trailer

Trials Fusion is due to release in just a few days, and to celebrate the boys and girls over at Ubisoft have released a trailer focusing on the multiplayer side of the game.

Both Trials HD and Trials Evolution sit proudly in my list of top favorite games of all time, and playing with mates in Trials Evolution has been a particuilar highlight of my years of gaming, especially since it’s usually mixed with more than a few bottles of beer. I have many fond, if somewhat hazy, memories of merrily racing head to head, constantly pushing each other to go faster before our skill level inevitably took a nose-dive. Oh, and the perfect drinking game is where you have to take a drink every time you bail, while playing on the extreme tracks.

Naturally, then, I’m really looking forward to this one.

Expect a review soon.

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