So, The Batman: Arkham Knight Demo At E3 Was Running On PC

At this years E3 gamers watching Sony’s conference were treated to a truly beautiful demo of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight. The lighting, details and fluidity of the game where breathtaking. Too good to be true? Yup.

Rocksteady have confirmed that although the demo was shown at Sony’s conference, thereby making a lot of people assume it was running on PS4, it was running on a PC instead.

The confirmation came during Gamespot’s live stream, where a member of Rocksteady stated that the demo they had brought to E3 was a PC build.

Look, games industry, there’s nothing wrong with running your demo on PC, but for fuck sake at least have the stones to make it very clear to everyone watching which platform the game is running on. No, you never lied, because you never claimed that everything shown at a Sony conference would actually be running on a Sony platform, but you also know that a large portion of people will make that assumption, and understandably so. One sort of expects a company to show gameplay footage from their own machine, and companies love to use that to their advantage.

What’s more is that with the game around 6-months from release there doesn’t seem to be any justifiable reason for Sony and Rocksteady to not run a console demo instead.

Still, on the positive side the game seemed to be running smoothly, good news given that the past PC ports have had some issues with stuttering, although given how short the demo is we can’t assume too much. There’s also a strong chance that the Xbox One and PS4 editions won’t look miles and miles off what we saw, although obviously a performance gap will be there.

So, I wonder what else was running on PC at Sony’s gig, or at Microsoft’s.

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