Unlock Dead Rising 3’s FPS Cap On PC At Your Own Risk



During E3 Capcom announced that Dead Rising 3 would be coming to PC later this year, an announcement that went down well with the majority of PC users.

However, some bad news has also popped up. While console gamers have often been left capped at 30FPS, one of the advantages of playing on a PC is being able to run as at high a frame-rate as your hardware allows, creating a smoother experience. But Dead Rising 3 on PC will apparently be capped at 30FPS. This can be unlocked, but Capcom claim users will be doing so at their own risk.

“When we started the PC project we knew we weren’t gonna be able to guarantee anything above 30 frames-per-second,” said Capcom during an E3 stream, adding “we’re not gonna stop you from uncapping the frame rate, but we can’t guarantee the experience.”

“We just really don’t know what’s gonna happen. You might see some weird stuff with physics, some weird stuff with zombies.”

By way of explanation to they pointed to the platform Dead Rising 3 was originally developed for, saying the  “visual’s framerate is tied to the game’s simulation under the (Xbox One’s) hood”,

Take the entirety of Need for Speed: Rivals which was locked to 30FPS. You could uncap it, but since the entire game was tied into that framerate it made everything move at what seemed to be lightspeed. Go check out TotalBiscuits Let’s Not Play Need for Speed: Rivals for a look at what that’s like.

Explanations aside, this is poor practice for creating a PC port. Being able to game at a higher framerate is one of advantages of choosing to play on PC, and denying people that advantage is, frankly, a  lazy development choice. Yes, go through the game and changing it so that higher rates can be achieved would increase costs and development time, but it would give PC users a better port, although 30FPS is still perfectly playable. C’mon guys.

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