Gearbox Announce Battleborn For Release In 2015

Gearbox have announced their brand new IP titled Battleborn, a first-person shooter for  PS4, Xbox One and PC  to be released sometime in 2015

The trailer above shows a game featuring a beautiful art-style and some great character designs, but is otherwise pretty boring with music that felt utterly at odds with the on-screen action.

Battleborn is all about a group of heroes named…uh, Battleborn who team up to stop the Varelsi, an evil menace trying to destroy the last star in a dying universe. Why? No idea.

But what we do know is that the game will feature a five-player co-op mode and  competitive online that  supports 10-players in total. Currently no singleplayer has been mentioned, and the wording Gearbox have so far used suggests there will not be one, but friends will be able to play split-screen through the co-op campaign. New information will apparently be provided in the next issue of Game Informer, but until then we’ll just have to keep wondering what Battleborn actually is because the trailer doesn’t really give us an idea.

The official game FAQ describes it as, ” a hero-shooter, which is a highly stylized genre-fused game, combining frenetic first-person shooting, cooperative combat, and an expansive collection of diverse heroes.”

Well, that does actually sound sort of interesting, and God knows Gearbox needs something to distract players from the fact they made Aliens: Colonial Marines, which I note they’re not in a rush to mention in the trailer.

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