Just Cause 3 Officially Announced For Xbox One, PS4 And PC, And Will Not Have Microtransactions Or Be Free-to-play


Following a series of leaked images Avalanche Studios have officially announced the existence of Just Cause 3. The announcement game via Game Informer magazine where Just Cause 3 will be featured on the cover, and seemingly the big reveal wasn’t due to the leaked images, instead it was sheer coincidence.

The leaked images seemed to show that Just Cause 3 would include microtransactions of some sort, but Avalanche have now stated otherwise:

“To be perfectly clear: Just Cause 3 will be available in 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC,” he writes. “It will be distributed as a retail box and digital download. It is not a Free To Play game. It does not feature in-game micro transactions.”

According to Game Informer they got several hours of hands-on time with the game and noted that the grappling and parachute mechanics had been significantly upgraded.

Four years ago Just Cause 2 sold a pretty impressive 6-million copies and since then has gone on to get an impressive online mode added by fans where you’ll still find a thriving community.

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