Destiny’s House Of Wolves Expansion Gets A Release Date And Trailer

I almost forgot that Destiny is still ticking along, but Activision and Bungie have announced that House of Wolves expansion finally has a release date: May 19th.

Considering the core game was in dire need of some meat I admit to being a little optimistic about a new expansion pack giving me reason to venture back into Destiny as some part of me truly wants to love the game. Alas the contents of this expansion pack seem rather meagre:  “new story missions, three new competitive multiplayer maps, and a new cooperative strike” stated Bungie. A new Crucible mode will also apparently be available, all for £20. Wait, how much?

A much larger expansion is due out later in the year, but frankly my own opinion is that it will be far too late by then. Bungie and Activision are supposed to have a ten-year plan for Destiny, but it’s struggling to stay relevant even now.

That’s me, though, and there does still seem to be a lot of players logging on for a few hours a week to grind away.


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  1. Chris Walker says:

    Exactly. From the start, Destiny possessed little gameplay, and The Dark Below was it’s second wind. But even now, as a level 31, I grew tired of the tedious raids and they would always take hours, and often end in everyone quitting right on Crota. Rumors have bounced around saying Destiny will have a massive expansion next year the size of an entire game? I have no idea of it’s credibility, but next year is a stretch. Even now, just like you, I want to get wrapped up in Destiny, but right now there’s nothing to do but complete bounties and do raids. I hope House of Wolves knows mouth-to-mouth

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