Logitech Announce New PS4 Racing Wheel, And One For Xbox One, Too

Logitech have announced two brand new racing wheels for their lineup. Following several accidental leaks they’ve confirmed the existence of the G29 for Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and PC. On top of that they also revealed the G920 for Xbox One and PC. Exactly why there has to be seperate wheels for each console is something of a mystery, so I’ve reached out to Logitech for an answer and will update this piece should an answer be made available.

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Both wheels are going to start shipping in July and will cost a hefty £299.99, so if you happen to own both consoles and want a wheel for each be prepared to say goodbye to your savings. On top of that you can buy a separate shifter, too, in case the standard paddle system doesn’t suit you.

Both wheels will feature hand-stitched leather, steel ball bearings for adding life, helical gearing and stainless steel shifters and peddles. It’s interesting to note that Logitech seem to be sticking with the gearing system rather than going down the belt-driven route of their competitors.

With any luck I can snag the G920 for review sometime in July and let you know if it’s worth the high asking price.


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