Early Access Gaming Coming To Xbox One


In what is likely to be quite a divisive announcement Microsoft have revealed that early access gaming is coming to Xbox One, starting with Elite: Dangerous and The Long Dark which are both available right now.

DayZ is also going to arrive later this year.

Early access is a pretty controversial subject, but has thus far been limited to PC gamers. Many wondered if one of the console manafacturers would be inclined to bring the scheme to their machines. If you have no idea what early access is, it essentially means that you can pay money to play the game while it’s actually still in the process of being developed, the idea being that your money and your input will help create the game. IN reality it can be pretty messy with projects starting but then being mostly abandoned. But yes, plenty of good has come of it to.

Smartly Microsoft have decreed that any game using this new system must offer a free, playable demo so that potential customers can see if the game is something they are interested in first.

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