2013 Deadpool Game Being Ported To Xbox One And PS4

In a move clearly designed to capitalise on the popularity of the forthcoming Deadpool movie where Ryan Reynolds is set to don the sticky red and black suit Activision have announced plans to port the 2013 Deadpool videogame to Xbox One and PS4. It’ll arrive on November 20th as both a digital download and a physical release.

The Deadpool game was fairly recently in the news when it somehow re-appeared on Steam for sale in JUly, following all Activison/Marvel games being pulled from the market due to an expired contract between the two companies. The game’s sudden reappearance on Steam coincided with the buzz being generated by the film.

The game gets Deadpool’s character and humour spot-on. Sadly as an actual game it’s not that good. Still, it’ll be worth a buy if you’re a Deadpool fan or looking to get into the character and can accept a decidedly mediocre action game.


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  1. Cool..I want to own this one and I have XBox..

  2. GORGE says:

    I guess that’s good news for those into Xbox One and PS4! I would have loved to see the game on mobile. It looks like something that can really work on tablets and an iPad version would have been perfect. I will stay tuned to see how this develops.

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