And I’m Back


Evening folks,

Chances are you weren’t at all surprised to see nothing being posted to this site over the last week or so, after all I’m hardly the most consistent writer, opting to focus more on reviews and posting only the occasional bit of news and sometimes even an opinion piece.

But hey, there was actually a different reason I was quiet this week! Other than, y’know, swearing loudly at the computer screen while I hammer the keyboard in a very ape-like display, attempting to eek out a review. No, this week I was absent due to being lucky enough to get a press pass to Glasgow Comic-Con, an epic 2-day event that was an absolute blast to attend. Lots of cool stalls, lots of awesome people, lots of amazing costumes.

But I’m back now! Hurrah! Don’t look too excited or anything, yeesh.

The plan is to put up an article talking about the Con in general, and then I picked up three comics I’d like to review; Saltire, Twisted Dark and Skies of Fire. Usually I don’t review comics despite how many I read, but since I was down there covering the event I wanted to grab a couple from some of the independent companies. I’ll also be setting up some interviews with comic creators too over the next few weeks.

As for games I’m not sure what I’m reviewing next.

Alright, take care.

Baden (Wolf)


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