Microsoft To Release Upgraded Xbox One With More Powerful GPU Next Year?


One of the interesting and divisive talking points about this latest generation of consoles has been Sony’s desire to release a more powerful version of their Playstation 4, upgrading the GPU to deliver a better experience for a higher price. Such an idea has been highly controversial as many people feel it detracts from the simplicity that consoles are supposed to offer, while developers would also have to deal with varying hardware rather than being able to focus on one specific set of specs.  Two Months ago Kotaku claimed that Sony had project Neo, an upgraded PS4, in development

Now it seems Microsoft might be enacting this idea, too. According to Kotaku three sources within Microsoft have confirmed the existence of Scorpio, an Xbox One with an upgraded GPU that will be released next year. The plan is to make the console VR compatible, which would mean a relatively big upgrade as the current GPU that the Xbox One boasts isn’t even close to being able to handle VR properly. Whether we’d also see a better CPU is another question.

Back in March Xbox boss Phil Spencer did drop a few hints about this project being a reality, talking about how he’d like to see consoles adopt a PC-style evolution. Kotaku’s sources state that Microsoft would like to offer a steady stream of incremental upgrades.


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  1. Wow! This is simply amazing. Looking forward to both the products. Looks like the coming months will be full of surprises. I just hope that the prices are affordable. It will be an amazing gaming experience for sure. Hopefully the consoles aren’t very complex either.

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