Watch Dogs 2 Revealed, Looks To Have New Lead Character And Location

Ubisoft have officially revealed the sequel we all knew was coming, Watch Dogs 2. So far all we have is a short teaser that may possibly contain some secrets. However, a countdown has appeared that ends today at 5pm.

Imagery that has appeared on IGN shows a new character standing in front of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, which is the same area the game has been rumoured to be set in. The imagery also displays a launch date 11.15.16, which is traditionally Assassin’s Creed’s launch date, but of course Ubisoft have confirmed that no new AC game will be launching this year.

I was one of the few that actually seemed to have fun with Watch Dogs, although looking back I was too lenienent when reviewing it. I’m looking forward to this sequel since I think the premise is solid and Ubisoft could do a lot with it, provided they start ditching their generic open-world template and begin creating some worthwhile content to make San Francisco worth exploring.

At the moment the has about 14,000 likes against 8,000 dislikes, so clearly gamers aren’t that impressed.


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