(E3 2016) Xbox One Slim Announced


Microsoft have just revealed their worst kept secret; the Xbox One Slim, named the Xbox One S.

According to Microsoft it’ll be 40% smaller and includes an internal powerbrick, plus it’ll boast 4k Blu-ray support. In terms of storage you’ll be able to get up to 2TB. There’s also an IR blaster. There will also be a new Xbox One controller with textured grips and improved range.

Most interesting is that The Verge are currently saying this version of the console will not have a port for The Kinect. It seems Microsoft really are phasing it out.

Rumoured pricing is $399 for the 2TB, $299 for the 500GB and $349 for the 1TB. It’ll be out in August.

The big question now surrounds Microsoft’s plans to release a more powerful Xbox One to go up against Sony’s planned PS4 Neo. At no point did Microsoft say the Xbox One was any more powerful than the existing console, so it seems possible that they’re going to release two consoles in the future; a slim, and their more powerful version which may or may not be the same size. This seems like a rather stupid plan as it serves only to complicate things needlessly. Time will tell, though.


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  1. gamer2006 says:

    Hell yes!

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