5 Newest Models of Hardware for the Perfect Gaming Rig (Sponsored Post)


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If you are a PC gamer, you need the components of your PC to be the best for gaming. After all, choosing just any old component for your computer can lead to a quick burnout if they aren’t made to cope with the use that a frequent gamer puts a PC through.

This can be stressful because even if you know what you need, the technology of these components is always changing. That means that if you want the best PC gaming rig, you need to know the newest tech because that’s where you’ll find the most effective innovation. In this article we are going to take a look at 5 of the newest models of hardware for the perfect gaming rig.

Display Monitor


Having the perfect monitor for your gaming rig is absolutely crucial. After all, the inner workings of the hardware aren’t very useful if you don’t have a way to see the game you are trying to play. Not just any monitor can do what you need, though.

There are certain things that you need to look for in a gaming monitor. Some examples include a good resolution, a high refresh rate, and pixel response time. There are a lot of different options you have for a gaming monitor, though, so what’s the best option?

One of your newest option is the ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q. This monitor has a large, no-glare screen of 27” for you to view your game. The technical specifications are also impressive such as a refresh rate of 165 Hz and a 4ms response time.

Graphics Card


A crucial component to your PC is a graphics card. This is what transfers the workings of your PC into an image on your monitor. With a poor graphics card, the images rendered from your central processing unit, or CPU, will be faulty. Specific gaming graphics cards are usually a little higher tech, providing for a more finely detailed picture that keeps up as you interact with the in-game environment.

One of your newest options is the Nvidia GeForce 1080 Ti. This is a 4K graphics card made for gaming computers. It boasts plenty of next-gen specs such as an extremely high CUDA core count and a high-speed video memory.



As we mentioned before, your CPU is a main component of running a game on your PC technically speaking. Without this piece of technology, your PC wouldn’t be able to read information such as player input in the game or even load the game up itself.

A new, high-end processor is the Core i9-7900X. This Intel CPU is one of the most powerful CPU choices on the market. Not only does this make it a good choice for simply gaming, it makes it perfect for the newest frontier sharing gaming – streaming. This processor has ten full cores with Hyper-Threading and it won’t die out the minute it’s overclocked. This makes it great for any sort of high-energy task you might do on it – gaming, streaming, or even just multitasking.



There are two types of memory that your computer uses. The first type is memory that is accessed quickly and frequently. This is stored in your RAM, or random access memory. Your RAM is what holds memories in your computer that need to be accessed often without digging it out of a deeper memory port.

For gaming, one of the newest options on the market for RAM is the Patriot Viper Elite. This RAM kit boasts a 16 GB memory and it works fast. In addition, it has a sleek gray and red design that will look nice in your rig.

Hard Drive


Your computer needs a deeper memory system to work as well. This is your hard drive. For gamers, this is an absolutely crucial piece. Not only is it important to your computer, it is also important for a gamer because this is where your game files and progress are stored.

The Samsung 850 Pro is one of the newest options on the market. This hard drive has a great storage space of 512 GB but multiple options are available so you can find the piece that is perfect for your gaming rig.


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  1. Moses Ikasi says:

    This will really be the perfect gaming RIG. Well all I can do is dream.

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