Weekend Whammy

Weekend Whammy: Switch Lite, Mobile Games & Batman & Robin

It’s way too damn hot. Sleep has become impossible because my sheets have melted together to form some sort of sentient being that whispers terrifying things in my ear at night. Or that might have just been a heat-induced nightmare, I dunno. Anyway, the weekend is officially over yet again, and that means it’s time for a Weekend Whammy!

One review this week which is for Gorn, a rather brilliant VR brawler that is responsible for several dents in my table and in my knuckles. While it may not be the deep, chunky game that VR is still waiting for it is a game that lets you rip heads off using your bare-hands. Now that’s a selling point.

I bit the bullet and bought Wolfenstein: Youngblood. The early trailers did not fill me full of confidence and I’m already regretting my purchase thanks to the amazing Skill Up’s review of the game. Stay tuned for my own views on it.

So, I might sort have started playing The Witcher 3 again and let it kinda consume my life. Again. I have no regrets. At this point I’d have to say that it’s my favourite game of all time, though certainly not without problems. There are many, many games out there that could arguably sit on the throne and wear the crown, but The Witcher 3 is just the one that clicks with me the most. I love Geralt and Ciri and Yennefer and Triss, and I love the incredible work. Much like Geralt himself I’m just happy riding around the taking work where I can find it, battling whatever monster in whatever tiny crappy town for some gold.

The big reason for me firing the game up yet again is because I’m still working my way through the books, and I’m really fascinating by the idea of taking a closer look at how CDProjekt Red adapted the novels, what they changed and what they didn’t.

I reckon the trick here is going to be controlling my time. I want to savour The Witcher 3, but at the same time if I take too long working through it and the extensive DLC I might accidentally just sort of forget about it. Plus there’s all those shiny new games that need to be played! How do you guys juggle your gaming time and the rest of your life? I always struggle to get a good balance.

I’ve actually found myself doing some mobile gaming this week, largely because I had a quick shot on my niece’s Nintendo DS and enjoyed playing something simple while kicking back in the garden. Specifically I played Super Mario Bros 2 and bloody loved it, but I don’t think I can justify grabbing even a second-hand DS just for some Mario goodness. It’s kind of greatg timing that the Nintendo Switch Lite has been announced. I’m tempted to get it for some Mario fun on the go and to catch up on the many games I’ve been missing out on. Mind you, $200 does feel like a lot for a handheld. (by the way, what the hell is up with the launch colors? Bleugh.)

Anyway, to my disappointment there are no Super Mario Bros games available on mobile, but I have been playing a bit of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, which I haven’t touched since waaaaaaaaay back in the dark ages. There’s something to be said for the simplicity of games like Sonic, a sort of relaxing easiness that is perfect for some quiet gaming time.

The problem with mobile gaming is having to wade through the crap to find anything worth playing. I’m not against the free-to-play model with the game being supported by adds or micro transactions, but it does lead to a lot of terrible tat available on the store that’s been tossed together in the vague hope that you might spend some money on it. I’d say 95% of the Google Play is utter crap that isn’t worth touching with a large pole. But there are great things to find, like XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Stardew Valley, which is about the most chilled game in existence.

The point is mobile gaming offers a horrifying glimpse of what the videogame industry can be, and probably would love to be. Free games lure people in before bombarding them with adverts and micro transactions.

Before I go let’s talk about something else horrifying: Batman & Robin, the old move filled with ice puns, nipples and bat credit cards. And do you know what? I love it! The reason for watching it was that I promised by older niece that I’d show her the movie with all of the terrible puns. I remember disliking the film years ago, but now I find myself enjoying the incredibly campy fun. Sure, it’s not the dark and brooding Batman and some of the dialogue induces pure cringe, but there’s such a sense of fun about it. It embraces the weirdness of comics, the sheer stupidity of a character that dresses up like a bat. Arnold Schwarzenegger is clearly enjoying the hell out of his role as Mr. Freeze and so am I! Meanwhile, Uma Therman is embodying pure sex. While I can understand the hatred for Batman & Robin I think there’s a genuinely hilarious, entertaining movie to be found within it.

I’m going to keep it short this week and sign off here. Let me know what you’ve been playing this weekend in the comments below!

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