Ep. 14 Of The Podcast Is Live

Hey friends and enemies,

The 14th episode of the official Wolf’s Gaming Podcast is up, and within it my absurdly silky, sultry, sexy voice goes through a variety of subjects, starting off with some movie chat. Werewolves Within is a new horror-comedy based on Ubisoft’s VR game of the same name which in turn is based on an actual physical game involving a bunch of people sitting in a room and arguing about why one is actually a savage werewolf with a (un)healthy appetite.

It’s a surprisingly solid movie that got a good few laughs out of me and plenty of chuckles. It’s a little lacking in gore for my tastes, but I had a damn good time with it and a full review will be going up soon-ish, and I think I’m going to do a full spoiler podcast about it for fun.

Wolf's Gaming Podcast ep.17: Playstation Showcase & Epic Loses In Apple Legal Battle Wolf's Gaming Podcast

Welcome back, friends. This week is a Sony heavy episode as I chat about the Playstation Showcase and everything that was shown there, plus the recent controversy over the new model of Playstation 5. Plus, the Epic vs Apple legal battles comes to a close (although Epic are already filing an appeal) and despite headlines from major sites, Epic came out worst. All that and more in the longest episode of the Wolf's Gaming Podcast yet. For awesome written reviews visit And to support me and the work I'm doing: Podcast theme music by Learn how to start a podcast here

The other movie is War for Tomorrow, the new Chris Pratt movie that popped up on Amazon prime. It’s a proper thumb-in-bum, mind-in-neutral sort of film. It’s popcorn entertainment with a bunch of plot holes if you want to get picky, but it also has a very cool premise: humans from 30-years in the future arrive in present day to announce that they are in a war with an alien species and losing badly. A mandatory world-wide draft is ordered, sending people into the future to fight. The aliens themselves are pretty cool, there’s a solid dad/daughter relationship and Pratt is as likeable as always.

In terms of news I discuss the recently revealed Switch OLED model which has left a lot of people feeling underwhelmed, especially because multiple reports hinted at a Switch with more powerful hardware coming. Still, people are being a bit too harsh toward Nintendo for not announcing something they never even hinted at. I still think an improved console will be needed because Nintendo can’t rely on Cloud streaming to keep bringing new multiplatform titles to the Switch, but for now the OLED version is nice for anyone getting a Switch for the first time. Although the fact that the dock will now have an Ethernet port is hilarious to me. The freaking Dreamcast had an Ethernet port, for God’s sake.

In other news I tackle the new Assassin’s Creed: Infinity which may be a live-service platform. My thoughts have a changed a little since recording the podcast, though, because I began considering how Hitman 3 is kind of a live-service game and began life as a platform with new games (episodes) being added to it. If the new AC follows that idea, it could be quite nice to have smaller AC experiences instead of 80+ hour behemoths. Maybe they could frame it as an Abstergo lab bringing in different subjects and exploring their memories?

So, have a listen if you want and let me know if you enjoy the podcast. I’m still new at this whole thing, and hopefully over time I’ll get better at it.

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