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The Xbox 360 Is Officially Dead

After 10 years and 5 months Microsoft have officially announced that they will cease production of their incredibly successful Xbox 360. Naturally any remaining stock in stores or online will be available for purchase, but once that ruins out the Xbox 360 will no longer purchasable without heading […]

Behold These Meerkats!

I get a lot of strange Emails that find their ways into my inbox on a daily basis, many from advertising companies seeking some marketing, others from bloggers wanting tips, some asking if I’ll cover a Kickstarter or some baffling project that looks like it was created by […]

Where’s The Hitman Review?

  EDIT: it appears the crashes may be due to AMD’s drivers, as rolling them back to a previous version has allowed me to play the game. Hey folks, I’ve been looking forward to the launch of the new Hitman game for some time now, even despite its […]