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Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition Controller Review – Not Starring Hugh Jackman

Regardless of whether you’re the type of person who is loyal to Microsoft or Sony, it’s pretty damn hard to deny that the first time you held an Xbox 360 controller it was a damn revelation. It sat in the hands like it was molded for your individual needs. The Xbox One controller is just as good if not better. So how do you improve on it? Well, according to Razer you give it more buttons, some RGB LED lighting, swap out the d-pad and then slap a big price tag on it. Enter the Wolverine Tournament Edition.


Drop The Controller, Pick Up Some Dice And Start Getting Into Board Games

  Board games are in so many ways the spiritual precursors to videogames, the not-so-distant ancestor of our digital hobby. What is a videogame at its core; a set of interwoven mechanics that dictate the player can and cannot do, hopefully resulting in a positive, fun experience. Of […]

MadCatz Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Pro Gamepad Controller – Review

Tech Specs: Cable Length: 13ft / 4m Xbox LIVE Communication Port: Yes Audio Input Type: Optical Speaker Diameter: 40mm Frequency Response: 25Hz–22kHz THD: -97dB SNR: 106 dB/V Magnet Type: Neodymium USB Powered: Yes Thanks to MadCatz for providing this controller for review I’m always wary about third-party controllers […]

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