Weekend Whammy: Descenders & Sonic Team Racing Reviews

I’ve been a little quiet this week and for that I apologise, friends. Some things came up that I needed to handle, and then when I sat down to write it just ended up being more gibberish than normal, which is really saying something.

Game of Thrones, S8, Ep 6 “The Iron Throne” Review

A good story is a powerful thing. It is amazing to consider how much impact a book, movie or TV show can have upon on our lives, to the extent that when they end we feel like we’ve lost something. I’ve gone through this a number of times, perhaps most recently when Terry Pratchett passed away and I was hit with the realization that there would never been a Discworld book again. No more Tiffany Aching, no more Rincewind, no more Vimes. Years before that when I closed the final Harry Potter book I was momentarily lost. The same feeling would hit again when the movie adaptions came to an end. Stargate SG-1 was another, a long-running series whose ending left me feeling like a part of my life had just vanished.

Game of Thrones, S8, E5 “The Bells” Review – A Song Of Fire. And More Fire

At this point the Internet is a blazing battlefield where various factions go to war over this controversial season of Game of Thrones. It’s a mess, and what was once regarded as one of the finest TV shows ever forged has become one of the most divisive. So grab a beer, get some food and join me as I tackle Game of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 5.

Weekend Whammy: Days Gone Is Great, Moon Nazis & God of War

Against all laws of probability I’ve somehow managed to catch yet another bloody cold. Annoyingly it’s just a few days before I’m due to go visit my sister and little nephew, so hopefully I can just inject some Lucozade straight into my bloodstream and let that sort everything out. I’m pretty that’s a medically sound idea, right?

Game of Thrones, S8, Ep 4 “The Last of the Starks” Thoughts

As you may have already guessed this little rant is going to contain spoilers for Game of Thrones, season 8, episode 4 titled The Last of the Starks. If you haven’t watched it yet then stop reading now. Otherwise, venture forth into my lovely word vomit. Be careful where you step, mind.

Weekend Whammy: Thoughts On The Long Night & Days Gone

My weekend has been filled with violence courtesy of my little niece who firmly believes that beating up her uncle is the greatest thing in the world. Man, five-year-old little girls can seriously do some damage. Jeez.

Weekend Whammy: Anno That Game, Zombies & Game of Thrones

Today I bathed my white German Shepard which is an immense task. I’ve got a small fenced in area which is perfect for the actual bathing part, but once he’s loose in the garden the fun begins. Getting dried is an excuse for him to run around the garden like a freaking lunatic, bouncing off of bushes, skidding around corners and sliding underneath the trees. It took something like three hours to get him bathed, semi-dried and semi-brushed. But he had heaps of fun and proceeded to collapse into a sleepy heap. It’s a hard life being a dog.

Telltale’s Game Of Thrones Still Due To Release This Year

If you’ve been wondering whether Telltale’s episodic Game of Thrones game will arrive this year as promised then have no fear because one of the company’s PR reps has confirmed that the first episode will indeed arrive by the end of 2014. When questioned about the Xbox One release date of Game of Thrones Laura…