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Verdun Review – Authentic World War 1 Multiplayer Goodness, And Then You Die

Laying in the muddy, stinking water of a crater I almost miss the safety of my equally muddy, wet, stinking trench. Here in no-mans lands advancing has become next to impossible as a tricky sniper and heavy machine gunner have all but pinned down the entirety of my squad, and seem to be bringing a halt to our team’s offensive. Unlike those who fought in the real trenches of World War 1 I can’t feel the horrid mud that wants to suck men into the ground, nor do I have to try to fight the cold that seeps into bones. Here in the comfort of a darkened room with nought but a keyboard and mouse instead of a rifle I’m perfectly safe. Nevertheless, I’m afraid.

Mortal Kombat X Review – Flawless Victory, Almost

The Mortal Kombat franchise may have gone veering wildly into the Woods of Crappiness for a while there but Netherealm finally brought the fighter back onto the right path with Mortal Kombat 9, a blisteringly fun game that I utterly adored. It wasn’t the most technically challenging fighter, hence it not really appearing much on the tournament scene, but I’d take it over the Street Fighter series any day of the week, favoring the quicker pace, brutal combat and Netherealms commitment to never taking itself too seriously. Now Mortal Kombat X is here and while it doesn’t do anything truly new to reinvigorate the genre it does improve on its predecessor in many ways while retaining everything that has ever made the series legendary.