It looks new new Hi-Fi Rush content is coming

New content for the Microsoft and Tango Gamework’s surprise hit Hi-Fi Rush looks to be incoming, with the obvious speculation being that it will be shadow-dropped at the upcoming Xbox Showcase, just the like Hi-Fi Rush was originally announced and launched on the same day back in January. The fact that such an excellent game…

Arkane staff hoped Microsoft would cancel Redfall, a new report says

Jason Schreier of Bloomberg has been doing some good old-fashioned journalism again, this time managing to speak to a dozen members of Arkane Austin about the difficult development of Redfall. His report reveals numerous intriguing details about the game, including that some members of staff hoped the game would be cancelled altogether.

Microsoft teases Fable announcement for their Showcase event

Oh Microsoft, you little minx, teasing us like this. Their big Xbox Games Showcase is scheduled to take play on June 11th and they’ll be looking to deliver something strong after the slightly lacklustre Playstation Showcase just a short while ago. To that end, a recent Tweet from Microsoft seems to be hinting at Fable appearing at the show.

Redfall is a Draining Experience – Review

There is no getting away from the immense pressure that Redfall has been under leading up to its launch. It’s the first drop of blood extracted from the purchase of Zenimax in 2021, the first game that has been mostly developed under the purview of new owner Microsoft. Xbox has been struggling with a lack of strong exclusives to compete with Sony’s high-quality outings and Nintendo’s established names. And surely with Arkane Austin on development duties, Redfall should be a home run? No. Despite being about vampires, Redfall has no fangs of its own. The only thing it shares with the undead blood-suckers is that it’s lifeless.

Zelda Dominates the UK Boxed Charts

The UK chart for boxed game sales has arrived, bringing with it lots of fun little statistical factoids that I love to geek out over. It’s possible that I need to seriously examine my life choices, but for now I’m going to enjoy the numbers and hope that you do to.

The Gaming Headlines March 13th – March 20th,

Where does the time go, folks? Another week has passed and that means there are more gaming headlines to talk about. Its been a reasonably quiet week but there are still a few things worth going over, including one sad news item.

Best of Game Pass: The Hitman Trilogy

Gamepass is already one hell of a value proposition, which is exactly why people continue to debate whether it actually earns Microsoft any profit or if it’s an unsustainable model kept afloat by Microsoft’s vast cash reserves. Either way, for us gamers it is an almost absurd deal. And in that absurdity is even more insane value: The Hitman Trilogy, combining the World of Assassination trilogy from IO Interactive into one massive package boasting 20 levels with some of the best replay value around. Even if you just play around once or twice in a level you could easily spend a few hours in it, but if you’re like me that just isn’t enough and dozens upon dozens of hours later you might finally wrap up your career as Hitman.

Gears of War: Ephyra Rising Review

Karen Traviss penned the story of Gears of War 3 which wrapped up the original trilogy in epic fashion and then when on to write a sizable chunk of the official novels, expanding on the universe in numerous ways. She has 5 books to her name before the series went on hiatus along with the games. Her books are typically seen as the top of the totem pole and have done immeasurable work in making Gears of War what it is today. Now that Gears is firmly back on our screens the books have made a comeback as well, with Jason Hough authoring two new titles. This is Michael Stackpole’s debut Gears novel, having formerly written works in other universes such as Star Trek. He’s got some big shoes to fill, because by licensed book standards and just by book standards in general, Karen Traviss was a strong author. So how does Michael stack up, and where do the books go from here?