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Why Do We Pre-Order Games? What’s The Point?

Pre-ordering video games is just one of the many, many things that baffle me about the modern gaming culture. So many people rush out to brick and mortar retailers and online retailers to pre-order a game as soon as they’ve seen a trailer or read a preview that so much as utter’s some vague praise, […]

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Irrational Games Reveal Bioshock: Infinite Industrial Revolution Pre-Order Bonus

Pre-order bonuses are just one of those things we don’t seem able to shake off with publishers announcing more and more of them. Pretty soon they’re going to start literally splitting the game into chunks and declaring you can only play that piece of the game if you pre-order from Burger King at midnight under […]

Mike Tyson To Be Pre-Order Bonus For WWE ’13

Mike Tyson, the “baddest man on the planet”, is to make his in-ring return to the WWE, albiet in virtual form. THQ this morning made the announcement that the former Undisputed Champion of the World will be available as pre-order bonus for WWE ’13, adding him to the roster of playable characters. This pre-order offer is available from […]

Robin Revealed for Batman: Arkham City

Rocksteady have released the first render for the Boy Wonder who is set to feature in the upcoming Batman: Arkham City. This version of Robin is based on the Tim Drake era. Robin will be available as a pre-order bonus for anyone who orders Batman: Arkham City from Best Buy, but sadly no other retailer […]

The Razer Onza Controller Ships Soon.

A new controller is going to hit the Xbox market soon in the form of Razers new Onza Standard controller. The new controller will feature Razers Hyperesponse buttons along with a new d-pad design for extra precision (should be good for fighting game fans then) and also features two multi-function buttons that sit above the […]

Marvel Vs. Capcom – UK & Ireland Pre-order details.

With Marvel Vs. Capcom due to hit on the 18th of February it’s time to give details on what pre-order bonuses you can lay your mitts on. The vast majority of retailers will be giving out T-shirts for pre-order, with color and design varying according to who you order with. Gamestation and Shopto get a […]

Fable III Limited Edition Wireless Controller

It’s hard not to sigh in anticipation when someone announces an a cool new controller and Microsoft have just done so. It’s hitting store shelves on October 5th for the price of £39.99 and will also come packed with a token to download a Fable III in-game tattoo for your character. It’s quite the painjob […]

Fable 3 – Create your own villager!

How would you like to create a villager for Fable 3? One that will appear in your game and no-one elses and give you a quest! Well now you can, for those that pre-order Fable 3 you’ll be given a code enabling you to import your created villager into the game. Don’t worry anybody can […]

2010 Release List

Here we have the Xbox 360 release list for the first 2 months of 2010. Darksiders: Wrath of War            8th of January        buy/pre-order Bayonetta                                          8th of Janaury      buy/pre-order Dark Void                                           15th of January  buy/pre-order Army of Two: The 40th Day       15th of January   Mass Effect 2                                     29th of January     buy/pre-order Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition      […]

Battlefield:Bad Company 2- Preview

Bad Company is still a hugely popular game on Xbox Live,and with the release of Bad Company 2 drawing nearer and nearer the fans are gearing up for some more high-octane action. So how is Bad Company 2 going to improve on the Battlefield formula? Bad Company 2 promises to ramp up the multiplayer action […]