Split Second-Preview

Written by CrymzenAssassin. 

Now I’ve never been a big fan of racing sims, in fact the last racing sim I played was Grand Tourismo 3 on the playstation 2 and with more and more racing sims coming out these days such as Forza,Project Gotham and Grand Tourismo, the announcement of Split second immediately got my attention. 

Split second is a new arcade style anything goes racing game developed by Black Rock Studios, the same guys who brought you Pure. When you think of arcade style racers you automatically think of the Burnout series or Outrun for the more nostalgic readers out there. So after seeing the crazy fast paced adrenalin junky antics of burnout you have to ask yourself, what does Split/Second have that Burnout doesn’t? 

 Well first things first there’s the promise of an actual flowing story line, you play a driver who is roped into competing on a crazy reality TV show that requires you to speed and crash your way through a “built for TV” city, destroying anything and anyone that gets between you and the finish line, i guess big brother wasn’t enough for this audience. 

Another thing the devs have promised is the inclusion of strategy…no really..I’m being serious. BRS says the following “Split/Second elevates action racing to a new level by enabling players to strategically take out their opponents by dynamically altering the course in real time”. That in itself sounds pretty impressive but you have to think how this kinda thing is going to be done, We already saw something like this in NFS:most wanted but this game seems to be based on it and thankfully it doesn’t use the same dodgy mechanic to activate said carnage. 

Game director Nick Baynes says “your power plays are represented by the power bar underneath the car, when one segment is full your able to unleash havoc” he then goes on to say “whenever you see an icon above an enemy’s head thats the signal its the right time to use a power play” 

The look of these power plays are in a word EPIC having been unable to experience the gameplay first hand I’ve been on the hunt for some videos and everything I’ve seen of these power plays so far let out a huge earth shattering scream of unprecedented destruction. What impresses me most about power plays is it’s not just something to use to humiliate the opposition, power plays can also be used to make short cuts ultimately changing the layout of the track thus changing the way you play the game. 

The power plays feature can be better explained by the director himself, take it away your royal baldness: 

now that all sounds well and good but what about online? it does kind of sound like the unlucky guy getting in the way of your pretty fireworks display doesn’t have a chance. director nick baynes explains “if something is triggered on you it doesn’t immediately make you crash, if you’re good enough you can survive and carry on with the race”. sounds fair to me. Watching a few videos from E3 on this game I have to say I’m highly impressed with the graphical side of things aswell as the smooth and fast paced gameplay. 


So with some slick graphics,innovative gameplay and smooth style Split/Second is shaping up to be a groundbreaking experience. 

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