Modern Warfare 3 Details

The helpful crew over at Kotaku have seemingly spilled the beans on Modern Warfare 3, the sequel to blockbuster game Call of Duty: Moderern Warfare 2.

Before I go any further it must be said that these details are not official, and that Robert Bowling, Creative Director of Infinity Ward, released a tweeting stating: “A lot of hype & a lot of leaked info on #MW3, some still accurate, some not. To avoid spoiling the experience, I’d wait for the real reveal.”

Real reveal or not, who the hell wants to wait? So here’s what was slipped, starting with singleplayer. I remind you that none of this is confirmed, so please remember that it is all subject to change.

The plot of Modern Warfare 3 will pick up directly after the events of Modern Warfare 2 where the Russians launched a surprise attack against the USA. Soap, Captain Price and Nikolai are now on the run. In an early sequence you’ll take control of Yuri, one of Nikolai’s men, in a warehouse in India as you attempt to cover the group as attempt to flee Makarov and his men.

As you would expect from a Call of Duty title, the setting will jump around from place to place, such as New York where you’ll be controlling Frost, a member of Delta Force who are under the command of Sandman, as they try to take back the New York exchange. All the while a fleet of Russian ships is parked in the Hudson River.

Directly after the New York adventure, Frost and co will board a Blackhawk helicopter and shoot down Russian choppers attemtping to get to the harbour. After infiltrating a Russian sub and dismantling it, the story will will jump ahead six months.

It seems the Frost and Delta Force will be taking centre stage for the story this time around. High much involvement Soap and his mob have is still to be seen.


Spec Op’s, co-operative missions, will appearently be returning, and will be joined by the new Survival mode which is the Horde styled mode that most shooters seem to have now. As you might of guessed, Survival has you fighting off ever increasing waves of people intent on harming you.

Little is known about multiplayer at the moment, but the game will 20 maps, though whether they come in the box or that’s including DLC is questionable. Here’s the full list:

Standard Multiplayer Maps
* Alpha
* Alps
* Bootleg
* Bravo
* Brooklyn
* Carbon
* Coast
* Dome
* Exchange
* Hardhat
* Interchange
* Lambeth
* Meteora
* Mogadishu
* Paris
* Plaza 2
* Radar
* Seatown
* Underground
* Village

Spec Ops – Survival Maps
* Carbon
* Dome
* Radar
* Seatown
* Village

Spec Ops – Mission Maps
* Civilian Rescue
* Flood the Market
* Invisible Threat
* Little Bro’s
* Out of Africa
* No Fly Zone
* Wing Man

And there we have it! The game is allegedly set for a November 8th release, so keep checking back for any further details.

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