Angry Birds Coming To Consoles At The End Of February Via Retail

Fans of Angry Birds have been wondering why the global sensation of firing innocent birds across a screen at pigs has never come to Xbox Live Arcade. But now it looks like that they might just get their wish as the game seems to be set to arrive on consoles,  as well as 3DS, at the end of February via retail. Wait, What?

 In the Primer section of the latest issue of Xbox World magazine there’s a small story titled, “Angry Birds Comes To Consoles”, which states: ” iPhone and iPad mega-hit Angry Birds is set to arrive at the of February on disc. It seems a bizarre and retrograde move for the 59p App Store classic, as this puts it on the same shelves as the likes of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection – three of the best games ever – and Soul Calibur V”.

If you’re still not convinced then the fact that Impact Global Solutions have acquired the rights to produce and distribute over ten peripherals based on the Angry Birds license, including speakers, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 headsets and…..a HDMI cable. Errrr.

Why does that confirm a console version coming in February? Because Impact Global Solutions CEO told MCVUK: “We are delighted to be working with Rovio. The Angry Birds range will be launched in conjunction with Rovio’s release of the games on each associated platform and are available for pre-order now.”

The retail version of Angry Birds was released for the PC last month and retailed for around £10, so you can probably expect console versions to sell for the same price. Still, that’s a considerable price difference between the retail version of the game and the digital download. The other question is why waste a disc for such a small game? And why release a retail version of the game on Playstaion 3 when it’s available on PSN?

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  1. They’re probably too good for XBLA. Seriously, I just can’t wrap my mind around this though. They aren’t actually intending to charge full price for this, are they? Especially when this game costs like, a dollar on iOS.

  2. A friend of my parents was wanting to know if there was a way to get Angry Birds for their Wii because they don’t have Wifi. Seems like they’re just trying to reach as many people as possible, which they have done well so far.

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