Anonymous Threaten To Bring Down XBox Live In Retaliation For Closure Of MegaUpload

Anonymous, the global hacking group, have threatened to bring down the XBox Live servers in retaliation for the FBI closing down the massively popular hosting site Megaupload, which was closed on January 19th due copyright infringement investigations. They’ve also threatened to bring down the UN, US Bank, Capital One, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. That’s one hell of a revenge list, but have Anonymous really considered the implications of pissing off millions of gamers who play shooters on a daily basis?

In case you weren’t aware, Megaupload is a Hong-Kong based site that offers incredibly easy to use online hosting for anybody that is also well know for being used for piracy, for obvious reasons.  The site was shut down by the U.S Justice Department who are investigating the site for copyright infringement and four of the sites owners have been arrested, having been accused of being part of a lucrative scheme to provide content online without compensation the copyright holders.. However it should be noted that uploading copyrighted material is a fault of the users and not the service provider, and as such it’s hard to see what legal basis they have for shutting down the site. Likewise Youtube cannot be held responsible for what its users upload.

Megaupload have already stated that they’re fighting back:

“The company is looking at its legal options for getting back its servers and its domain and getting its servers back up online,” Megaupload’s lawyer Ira Rothken told Reuters. “Megaupload will vigorously defend itself.”

It is really offensive to say that just because people can upload bad things, therefore Megaupload is automatically responsible,” he said.

It should be noted as well that Megauploads shutdown has nothing to do with SOPA, despite what seem people are claiming.

Whether Anonymous are doing the right thing is a point for debate. Their past is a mixed one, with some of their actions being just, some having good intentions but terrible outcomes and others being outright stupid. So which do you think this is? And do really have the ability to bring down Xbox Live?


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    • I should also point out that if something upsets Anonymous, they go after organizations related to it. If the FBI was involved in a shady operation, they would attack the FBI’s poster- I mean website. They wouldn’t attack Facebook just because they’re big, and believe me, there’s been a lot of scares involving Facebook.

      You can keep up to date with the happenings of Anonymous through @Anonops. In response to Megaupload being taken down, hacktivists attacked websites such as the White House, Warner Music Group, Vivendi France, the Department of Justice, and of course, the FBI.

  1. I put my sports bag in a railway locker last week, it contained a little weed, jeez the railway network could have been shut down!

    • lmfao anon took psn offline and psn is scores better than “rob you blind keep you paying for no reason” microsoft.
      you piss annon off and you piss away your financial wellbeing.
      if and when this comes to a head i expect the millions to flow into the free online gaming society that is psn. gonna have to teach noobs the ropes ie using the exact amount of money you need to use instead of rinky points.

  2. and no big psn’s got that free online gaming.
    xbox fans are fickle kids anyway, they’ll be coming to psn in droves.
    i can imagine the local news story
    “thousands of 360 trade in’s” “microsoft loyalty at an all time low” “is this the end of microsofts tyranny?” hahaha

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