Skyrim 1.5 Update Details Revealed

Bethesda appear to have been hard at work yet again creating a new patch for their epic RPG Skyrim. Earlier today they put up a post on their blog that talked briefly about what would be coming up in their next patch, but since then the post has been hastily taken down leading many to believe that the 1.5 update wasn’t supposed to be revealed just yet.

The post mentioned the usual bug-fixes that we would associate with a patch, but also talked about the fact that Bethesda would now be using updates to add new features to their game, with the first being killcams for both magic and archery – a feature that was, quite interestingly, demonstrated in their Skyrim Game Jam, which was when Bethesda employees were given a week to create what they wanted and stick it into the game.

So, now that we know the next update will include killcams, can we expect other features shown in the Skyrim Game Jam to be added as well? It seems like a reasonable assumption to make and means that we could be looking at some rather interesting additions to the already huge games, such as spears, dragon riding, house building, a werewolf skill tree and a whole lot more.

And in case you missed what was shown by Bethesda, here’s the video:

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  1. You’re being played. It’s a ploy to grab your attention and it worked beautifully. The REAL news here is that they are ignoring bugs and trying to turn your attention to new features. Really they should just finally decide to fix their game rather than release more broken junk.

  2. I am gritting my teeth and tightening my fists for the possible release of the Lycanthrope perk tree. It is something I have wanted in a long time. And now with world that they are putting stuff into their patches from the video fills me with hope that that perk tree may become a reality.

  3. I for one would love the house building, I hope it’s really in depth and it’s about time they add some new things, as good as the game is… It has less then 5% replay value which really bummed me out. It would be great if they decided to extend each guild quest line so it’s at least on par with Oblivions. I’d even pay for that in DLC form.
    Please Bethesda makes these new features a reality.
    -GhostlyComa 🙂

  4. All is ask for is fixed bugs and glitches and maybe if possible, a commandbox on ps3 and 360 to try and fix some bugs myself. It’s really a pity this can only be used on pc

  5. Yes, a minor command box would be perfect to get past glitches and fix our own that some people don’t have like inventory bugs

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