Next Borderlands 2 DLC To Feature Pirates And “Master Gee the Invincible?”

Just yesterday Borderlands 2’s first piece of DLC, a new character class called the Mechromancer, hit marketplace a full week early, giving anybody whose already worked through the game’s content another reason to go back and play again. Yet thoughts are already turning to what the next piece of DLC may be, after all Gearbox have promised several chunks over the coming year.

Along with yesterday’s DLC a new patch for the game was also released, and contained within in was a few interesting bits of information that seem to pertain to another piece of content referred to as Captain Scarlet and her Pirate’s Booty. Interesting pieces of information within the patch were:

– A “Seraph Crystal Vendor” who “sells top level gear but only accepts Seraph Crystals in payment. Earn more Seraph Crystals by slaying Seraph Guardians.” This ties in nicely with the next piece of information.

– What seems to be a new rarity level. Speculation suggests that the new rarity will be called Seraph and any will be color-coded pink.

– References to what appear to be new boss characters Hyperius and Master Gee the Invincible.

– New pirate-themed character heads.

– A new vehicle currently only referred to as the Hovercraft

– A new area called Oasis.

And finally three new Achievements:

  • Gadabout: Discover all named locations in Oasis and the surrounding Pirate’s booty areas. (Bronze)
  • Completionist: Complete all Pirate’s booty side missions (Silver)
  • Treasure Hunter: Complete the mission “X Marks the spot” (Gold)

So there you have it, a potential new Pirate themed piece of content for Borderlands 2. However it’s important to stress that at the moment absolutely none of this has been officially confirmed by Gearbox, so it could change considerably before it ever sees the light of day.

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