Special Forces: Team X Arriving On Steam And XBLA This Week


If you’re after some multiplayer 3rd person, fast-paced, cover-based action then this might just be just be your week as Zombie Studios latest game, Special Forces: Team X will be arriving on Xbox Live Arcade and Steam on February, 6th.

The name is incredibly generic, but the game does have some interesting features to make it stand out, such as the lovely graphical style and the unique map system which lets players mix together three tiles to create the environment they’ll be playing in, allowing for over 100 different combinations to be played on over the 5 different game modes

Special Forces: Team X also boasts officially licensed guns,  so we’ll be seeing the likes of the Colt and Kalashnikov brands within the game. What this means is rather than the usual FPS method of just calling it a M16 or Ak-47, it’ll actually be a Colt M-16 and a Kalashnikov AK-47. To most gamers this isn’t a big deal, but to gun lovers, like myself, it’s rather cool. All of the weapons will also be customisable.

The game also features a neat concept in that you score extra XP when you’re near your team-mates, in an attempt to encourage more teamwork from the players.

But rather than take my word for all of this, check out the launch trailer below, and then check out the gameplay video below that. Please note, the gameplay video, done by Total Biscuit, is from August of 2012, so it’s from an older build of the game.

Special Forces: Team X will be available on Steam and XBLA on February, 6th. The game will cost £11.99 on Steam, though it currently has ten percent off, and 1,200MSP on XBLA.

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