Microsoft To Revive Heroes TV Show For Xbox?

HEROES -- Pictured: "Heroes" Logo -- NBC Photo

Well, here’s some surprising news: a recent report from TVLine suggests that Microsoft are planning on reviving the sci-fi TV show Heroes, which ran for a total of 4-seasons on NBC, finally coming to an end in February of 2010.

According to the report Microsoft are currently in preliminary talks with NBC, with the plan being to revive the show exclusively on Xbox with a whole new team of writers and characters delivering fresh storylines. Cameos from previous Heroes characters would also be on the cards, assuming the stars of the original show were interested, of course.

For those wondering where all of this came from, back in February of this year Microsoft hired NBC development executive Jada Miranda to oversee production on their new Xbox entertainment studio. Currently the new studio is led by ex-CBS president Nancy Tellem.

In April Microsoft announced that they had sold Mediaroom, and where planning on devoting all of their TV resources to the Xbox:

“With the sale of Mediaroom, Microsoft is dedicating all TV resources to Xbox in a continued mission to make it the premium entertainment service that delivers all the games and entertainment consumers want–whether on a console, phone, PC, or tablet,”

I certainly can’t deny that this piece of news somewhat exciting. Like many I utterly loved the first season of Heroes but felt that it went rapidly downhill after the solid second season. With a new writing team at the helm and new characters it would certainly be interesting to see what could be done with the premise, though I do worry a little about the production values on something that will only be shown on Xbox.

Still, at the moment this is just a rumour, so take it with a pinch of salt.

“Save the cheerleader, save the world!”




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