Trion Release New 1.012 Patch For Defiance And Patch Notes


The servers for Defiance are now back up as Trion Worlds have finished releasing the latest patch for the game, bringing it up to version 1.012. The patch once again fixes some key issues, although it is nowhere near as big as the previous patch.

The patch notes are:

Patch 1.012 Notes: 
– Fixes to server stability
– Improved issues with salvage matrix causing items to disappear
– Improved issue with some loadouts saving incorrectly
– Changed missions so that you only get credit when you contribute
– Fixed incorrect winner/loser rewards for capture and hold matches
– Increased the number of active random encounters in the world


On a side note I am indeed planning on reviewing Defiance. I traded in a few titles so I could pick up the game last Thursday after attempting to secure a review copy from Trion. A brief chat to a couple of other site owners seems to suggest that Trion weren’t playing ball with most outlets when it came to review copies, which is a little surprising.

Anyway, I’m not sure exactly when the review will be going up as obviously I want to sink plenty of time into it. Initial impressions have been patchy due to some glitches and problems, but it’s good to see Trion hard at work addressing these. Gameplay wise it’s sitting at merely okay for me, but does have a strangely addictive quality that has kept me coming back. And the Arkfalls have been a blast.

As for the TV show, I actually quite enjoyed the first episode. The CGI was rough, but I enjoyed the world and characters. The first few episodes always tend to be rather ragged around the edges, but I’ve got high hopes for Defiance. We need good sci-fi shows.


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  1. I agree with everything you’ve said here, while the game has its glitches it does have something that keeps people coming back, abit more tweaking and some more content should keep me playing this game for a long while to come. TV show was on the right channel SyFy known for its Disney Pixar CGI (hehe) but ill stick with it see how it goes, and that redhead, what a body! lol

    1. Baden Ronie says:

      lol, she is pretty hot, I won’t deny that. For a first episode it did its job in the sense it got my attention and I’m willing to see where it goes. it has potential.

      As for the game, yeah, I don’t think I can say I’m ever having fun playing it, or even enjoying it, and yet I want to keep playing it. It’s rather strange.

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