First DLC For BioShock Infinite To Add A New AI Companion?


Considering the nature of BioShock Infinite’s storyline it’s hard to see exactly where Irrational are going to slot some DLC in, but that’s exactly what they’re planning on doing, and a snippet of information from a LinkedIn page reveals that they might also be planning on  making a new AI companion.

Micheal Shahan is the Senior Animator over at 2K games and on his LinkedIn profile there’s a section which talks about BioShock Infinite DLC one:

“Bioshock Infinite DLC1
• Cataloging of existing Bioshock animation assets and custom UDK implementation
• Creating cinematic and in-game motion capture asset tracking docs
• Providing animation and R&D for a new AI companion character
• Managing outsource animation from the 2K Australia Studio”

Of course this really tells us nothing about the game, though people have been quick to jump up and start making some wild accusations about how any DLC will ruin the story, as will a new companion.

At this point we can’t tell if the DLC will even be about Booker or Elizabeth, and the new companion could be a smartass parrot, for all we know.

However, the it seems likely that we will focus on Booker, Elizabeth or both of them. Again, though, given the nature of the storyline there’s plenty of room to play around. Perhaps we could even have a DLC which follows Booker back when he was at Wounded Knee, although that would mean giving up Plasmids and Skylines, and frankly without those the combat wouldn’t be satisfying enough to carry an entire add-on.

Time shall tell.

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