American McGee Looks Set To Kickstart Alice: Otherlands, Reveals Proposed Tiers

Third Alice Game

American McGee, the creator of American McGee’s Alice and Alice: Madness Returns, has been proposing a third game for a while now with Kickstarter being a way of getting it off the ground. Now it seems like his dream of a third Alice game is getting a lot closer as he’s just posted up a set of Kickstarter funding goals. Should all go well with EA McGee is hoping to have the Kickstarter campaign up by July.

On his Facebook American McGee posted the following:

“The following are the proposed tiers for the Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter set to start roughly in July if all goes well with EA. We’d like to get your reaction to the reward structure. Each tier is nested meaning the tier below is available in the tier above, there will be no need to worry in buying a higher level tier – you will always receive the items below. You will. All digital items will be provided DRM-free. Alice: Otherlands will have a single-player campaign which is what you will be purchasing at the $15 reward tier. Beyond this campaign, multiplayer will open; the currency available with additional tiers can be used for items in the multiplayer portion of the game. Mutliplayer will be purely optional. Keep in mind, NONE of this is set in stone. We’re asking for feedback.

$5 – Access to Access to the closed forums during development and beta with unique avatar
$10 – Backer Kit of wallpapers, avatars, etc.
$12 – Early Bird (15,000) Digital backer-only Alice dress
$15 – Full copy of Single Player Game, Digital backer-only Alice dress
$25 – Digital Soundtrack, Digital backer-only Mad Hatter’s Hat, $10 currency
$35 – Poster (no larger than 8 x 12), Digital backer-only Omega Necklace
$50 – Early Bird (25,000) digital art book, $25 currency, Access to Beta – entitles you to an invitation to beta; this is a progressive process and not every player will receive an invitation at the same time
$55 – Digital art book, $25 currency, Access to Beta – entitles you to an invitation to beta; this is a progressive process and not every player will receive an invitation at the same time
$75 – Early Bird (10,000) T-shirt, Digital backer-only Queen of Hearts Crown
$80 – T-shirt, Digital backer-only Queen of Hearts Crown
$100 – Unique in-game weapon, $50 currency
$135 – Early Bird (5000) Canvas Poster
$150 – Canvas Poster
$225 – Limited Edition Box with physical game
$300 – Physical Art Book
$475 – Early Bird (1,000) Omega Necklace
$500 – Omega Necklace
$600 – Design an Ally for Alice (not required to be human)
$750 – Physical Vorpal Blade
$850 – Design an Alice “Personality” (Ex. I’m Alice’s Sticky Red Anger of Tuesday Morning; I’m Alice’s Masculine Blue Happiness of Winter Night (male))
$1500 – Skinned Tablet
$5000 – Dinner for one in SF (each additional person is an add-on of $500)
$10,000 – Trip to Shanghai
Higher pledges should contact Spicy Horse directly

Physical Art Book – $75
Limited Edition Physical Game – $75
Omega Necklace – $200″

Doubtless there will be some that feel Kickstarter isn’t the place for a company like Spicy Horse, but as we’ve seen lately Kickstarter has changed considerably and now many people won’t consider backing a project unless there’s gameplay shown and considerable work already done. Even large developers have found it a useful place to get projects off the ground that publishes refuse to take a risk on, because as we all know today’s game industry is a competitive place.

Currently there has been no mention of what platforms we can expect to see Alice: Otherlands on.

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