Petition For Microsoft To Revert To The Xbox One’s Original Policies Is Gaining Traction With Nearly 20,000 Signatures


Despite what you may firmly believe not everybody was happy with Microsoft’s decision to abandon many of their original policies  for the Xbox One, feeling that  the console’s features were simply paving the way for the inevitable digital future and viewing Microsoft’s policies as an important step forward. Namely they were happy with  how Microsoft were planning on implementing the ability to share digital games, something which even Steam currently isn’t doing.

Currently there’s a petition going for Microsoft to renounce their wicked ways and bring back the policies and console shown and talked about at E3. Surprisingly this petition has gained considerable traction, with a current total of 19,455  signatures at the time of writing.

However it should be said that a brief read through the comments suggests that more than a few of the signers are simply having a laugh, or are loyal PS4 supporters aiming to annoy the crap out of Xbox One fans by getting the hated original policies brought back. Still, quite a lot of those signing the petition do genuinely want the original policies brought back, as well as features like the Family Sharing plan, which was a much lamented loss of Microsoft’s switch.

Personally I’m not entirely in either camp as I’d like to see a compromise made where we could get back things like the Family Plan and sharing digital games.

Thus far Microsoft has not officially acknowledged the petition, nor do they seem likely to.


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