Square Enix CEO Confirms Next-Generation Sequel For Tomb Raider


Although Square Enix viewed sale numbers for their reboot of Tomb Raider as disappointing, the CEO of Square Enix in America and Europe has confirmed the existence of a next-generation Tomb Raider sequel, which is apparently already well into its development cycle.

The news arrived via a long blog post in which the CEO explained to readers what Square Enix’s current gameplan is regarding America and Europe:

“I am also excited to reveal that we are well into development on a next-generation Tomb Raider sequel – something you may have heard about recently!”

Shortly after David Gallagher, Head of Product Development and Studios at Crystal Dynamics, issued a statement regarding the sequel:

“Hi – you may have read today that a next-generation sequel to Tomb Raider is in the works. We’re very excited to confirm that the team has started working on telling the next chapter in Lara’s tale. It’s still early days, so I’m afraid I can’t provide any further details for now save my assurance that we’re not resting on our laurels and acclaim from Tomb Raider’s recent successes, but working hard to raise the bar even higher and re-affirm the faith you’ve shown.”

Outstanding stuff! If you’ve read my review then you know I loved playing Tomb Raider. Sure, I felt it went too far into cinematic realms, resulting in it sometimes feeling like the player had little to do with events, but it was a great return for a heroine who was a good part of my childhood.

Graphically the game was also lovely, so I look forward to seeing what Crystal Dynamic’s can pull off using next-gen tech.

Hopefully, though, this time around Square Enix has mor realistic expectations.

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